…a collection of essays originally published in the Wildlife Trust or BRIG

Harvest time

Harvest time is the most eventful of the seasons. The glut of produce and the weather changing so suddenly, both mark the end of summer, and result in new garden tasks based around preserving. The jobs that come with this transition – the weeding, mulching, tidying, and giving away all bear the mark of hunkeringContinue reading “Harvest time”

No-dig for victory

To not dig your soil, the foundation of your garden, the fuel that lets vegetables grow, was once radical. No-dig gardening is a recent innovation, relatively speaking, and is regarded by most of my allotment neighbours as ‘…a bit unusual’. It is still the case at most allotments that the benefits of digging are exclusively linkedContinue reading “No-dig for victory”


Not so long ago, I decided to build a pond. I built it from scratch using a small amount of pond liner. I was given a jam jar full of tadpoles. Friends had told me that having frogs in the allotment is marvelous.  I’ve visited the frogs nearly every day since, watching them metamorphose, takingContinue reading “FROGS”


Recently I started listening to Penguin Cafe Orchestra while gardening. Even as a bit of mood music, today I felt sad that I haven’t seen my mum for a year, this band has lots of the calm and fun and sympathy. I heard someone described the Penguin Cafe Orchestra as chaotic. The music is familiarContinue reading “PCO”


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